Zack Snyder's Batmobile

Zack Snyder’s Batmobile

Yesterday, an Instagram user posted photos of the new Batmobile, allegedly taken from where the production for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is filming. In response to that, director Zack Snyder has tweeted a real official photo of the new Batmobile; it looks like the bat-shaped love child of Megatron and a tank. There’s a pretty lethal-looking gun turret in front, because Batman hates guns except when they’re attached to his car. The whole chassis has all kinds of gears and pistons, suggesting that it is partially transformable (What does it transform into? Why, probably a more awesome version of itself of course).

Arkham Knight Batmobile

Arkham Knight Batmobile

The new Batmobile appears to be a bit sleeker than the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman movies, yet retains a ruggedness to it. We haven’t gotten a good official full view of it yet, but it appears to resemble a huge, armored buggy. Observant Bat-fans have noticed similarities between this Batmobile and the one featured in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham Knight (which also has a gun turret because turrets are the in-thing now for rich automobile owners).

We look forward to the eventual traffic mayhem caused by this vehicle on March 25, 2016, when Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens.