by Alicia Glass, contributing writer

Welcome to International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day! Follow me, me hearties, to some of the most swashbuckling seafarers that ever braved the briny deep! And really, why is all the rum gone? [Editor’s note: *hiccup*] Don’t forget to share a drop with Davey Jones, or else it’s into his locker you go!

Cutthroat Island

As underrated a movie about pirates as there ever was, the film stars Geena Davis as Morgan Adams, daughter of infamous pirate Black Harry, braving explosions and jail, enemies both from without and within, all the while maintaining that yes she is a woman pirate who can keep up with, and sometimes surpass, the men!

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Robin Williams will forever be the ultimate Peter Pan, especially now. But don’t forget Bob Hoskins RIP as Smee and Dustin Hoffman in his truly unforgettable performance as the steel-handed stingray, Captain James Hook!

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Of course it’s Johnny Depp with the best piratical one-liners around! While ghostly cursed skeletal pirates hurry around gathering the cursed treasure of the Black Pearl, we’re treated to the likes of Orlando Bloom, yes Mr. Depp, Keira Knightley, and did we mention Geoffrey Rush, all delivering adventure on the high seas!

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The Princess Bride

Arguably one of the most infamous pirate-related movies we know, we have of course all heard of the Dread Pirate Roberts and the true love hidden in his mask. Full of derring-do and terrific swordplay, we would all go “to the pain” just to see this movie again!

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John Malkovich is Blackbeard the pirate in all his full-on educated and ranting glory in this new television telling of the story of Edward Teach. Blackbeard has already established his infamous reputation and gone to act as governor of his own island, but as often happens with pirates, his past is coming back to haunt him, most likely with cannonballs!

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Black Sails

The Starz television channel graces us with yet more pirates, hunting down (what else) a supposedly lost Spanish treasure galleon, with an obsessed Captain Flint, and a desperate crew that the rest of the world dubbed hostis humani generis: enemies of all mankind!

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Red Flag


Sorry, no trailer as yet. Nevertheless, Maggie Q of Nikita fame has been scripted to play the infamous Chinese female pirate Ching Shih, who commanded over 1000,000 sailors and 1,500+ vessels at the height of her career, taking on all comers, including the Imperial Chinese Navy, the Portuguese Navy, and the British Navy to boot! Francois Arnaud of The Borgias is set to play Carlito, the Portuguese sailor and bounty hunter engaged to bring Ching Shih down. Production began fall 2014, no word as yet as to what channel the limited mini-series will be on or when it’ll be out, we’ll keep you posted as we find out!