buffyby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

It just wouldn’t be October without them, bring on the vampires and their slayers!

Yes, we all know about the TV series that went on for ages and spawned (pun intended) an offshoot series too, that’s not what this here article is about. The movie that started it all, Kristy Swanson as valley-girl Buffy, hunting down those wacky vampires in oddly named Sunnydale, that is where we are. Believe me, I much prefer the original 1992 film, if for no other reason than the vampires themselves. Everyone needs to see the incomparable Rutger Hauer, you know, that guy from Bladerunner, as the Master Vampire Lothos, and his head minion Amilyn as played by Paul Reubens!

So Buffy (who names these characters anyway?) is a typical high school cheerleader, with her clique of popular girlfriends, concerned only with the school dance and her star basketball boyfriend. Things are going swimmingly until one day a creepy old man, Merrick, played by the ever-amazing Donald Sutherland, shows up and begins telling Buffy that she’s from a long line of vampire slayers and has to begin training, as the Master has begun plaguing Sunnydale already. Suddenly all those high school issues seem far less important, and after a chance encounter with school misfit Pike (Luke Perry, when Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_film_vampirehe could still get away with looking kind of like a high schooler) and his turned friend Benny, Buffy determines to attend the school spring dance because, at the very least, it’s normal.

Or course, the dance is crashed by a bunch of turned students who don’t have to worry about being invited in; one Buffy’s dumbass friends already invited them: “They’re seniors!” Pike deigned to attend the dance well prepared with bagged stakes and so once again it’s up to Buffy to save the world and shake off Lothos’ grand powers of seduction in the silence.

None of this grand background story, long-winded speeches about training and slayer tradition, or great romances between the slayer and her vampiric prey, nope. What we have here is a fairly simple high school story that just happens to have adorably dumb vampires terrorizing the town. And sometimes, just sometimes, simple and lovable Rutger Hauer in a Halloween tuxedo with his hair on fire is just what we want!


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