last unicornby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

When the last unicorn goes looking for the rest of her kind, she encounters the good, the bad, and the extra-weird of her world!

Based on the beloved book by Peter S. Beagle, they simply don’t make cartoon movies this like anymore. Done in a style that reminds us of the original Lord of the Rings cartoon films, graced with a lovely soundtrack, the film speaks to the fantastical-minded of all ages. I personally happen to own the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the film on Blu-Ray, simply because, yes, it is that good.

So some hunters who were about to wander into the magical forest decide discretion is the better part of valor, as that forest is known to be the abode of the last unicorn (Mia Farrow), who hears them say that aloud and begins thinking about it. Our pearly heroine begins as more than a tad arrogant, but she must somewhat lonely, because she initiates a conversation with a singing butterfly about where other unicorns can be found. And with admonishments to her courage, the last unicorn sets off to find whatever remains of her brethren and the monstrous creature that seems to be responsible for their fate, the Red Bull.

The unicorn has many adventures and learns many strange and sometimes wonderful things on her way to find out what happened to the other unicorns. Caught napping on the side of the road and thrust into Mommy Fortuna’s (Angela Lansbury) traveling carnival, the unicorn convinces magician Schmendrick (Alan Arkin) to help free her and they escape into the forest. Encountering outlaws and a gaining a saucy new travelling companion, Molly (Tammy Grue), the group makes its way to where the Red Bull is reputed to live, King Haggard’s (Christopher Lee) castle. Near there our heroes have a confrontation with the Red Bull already and to save her life, the unicorn is turned into a human woman, the Lady Amalthea. What the unicorn learns at the castle full of secrets, lies, and an old man’s bitterness, and what the unicorn learns as a human, that no other unicorn came to know, about love and regret, is the focal point of an awesome storyline. In the fantastical world of magic and heroes, the selfishness of humanity in darkness is eclipsed by the light and wonder of unicorns in the light!