monstersby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

They don’t make horror anthology series like this for the small screen anymore!

After the success of Tales From the Darkside, which ended the same year Monsters began, thus Monsters can be considered something of a sequel, since the shows share the same producer. The thought was that the small-screen needed more of a concentration on the horror anthology front, so Monsters was less of a nod to sci-fi and fantasy than Tales From the Darkside, though it had all the snark of its predecessor! Monsters was shown on the Syfy Channel in the early nineties (when the channel was called something else) and is now relegated to reruns on the NBC Universal Chiller channel.

The shows often featured a sense of comedic irony that ’80s Freddy (Krueger) and (Michael) Meyers fans could appreciate, but was lost on “regular” audiences. More often than not, there was some kind of ironic “gotcha!” moment, where a character’s greed or some other seed would do him in with a nicely ironic twist. As the name implies, most episodes feature some kind of monster, usually an animatronic puppet that was at least somewhat advanced for its time and for a television show. A great many recognizable faces from other well-known horror films were guests on the show: Michael J. Anderson of Twin Peaks, the singer Meatloaf, Linda Blair of the Exorcist franchise, Ashley Laurence of the early Hellraiser movies, even the ever-recognizable Wil Wheaton!

Monsters is all about bringing horror and fantasy and sci-fi (though mostly horror) kicking, screaming, and often ranting, into the homes of middle-America in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Even if you may not have heard of the show until now, it is still findable and watchable, and always a great romp!


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