AVP_Posterby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

On an exploratory shadow mission in Antarctica, a team of archaeologists and scientists, many with far too many secrets, discover signs of a legendary battle raging between two alien species, still on-going!

How in the hells does one have contiguity between the Alien movies and the Predator films, making it known that these two species have a long history without compromising the story or the artistic integrity of either one? You bring back Lance Henriksen as Weyland himself, that’s how. Anyone who knows the Alien films will likely recognize the name Weyland, the corporation responsible for making the Bishop androids that caused so much havoc on the Nostromo. The creator of the company, Weyland himself, wanted desperately to get that Xenomorph baby out of Ripley in the third movie, no matter the cost of lives.

AvP takes us way back in Weyland’s own ancestry, where a dying Charles Weyland wants to explore the unidentified source of heat in Antarctica, discovered by Weyland’s own private satellite. The source turns out to be a super-secret underground pyramid, of all things. And, of course, Weyland and a crack team of archaeologists, engineers, and scientists need to go exploring that pyramid, just as soon as they can dig a tunnel through the ice to get there!

Oh, but then, it turns out that not only is this super secret pyramid a sacrificial chamber and potential hunting grounds, but there are still Predators left here. Or at least, there are Predators here now. A trio of Predator hunters have arrived at the pyramid to hunt the Xenomorphs (that’s them scary black Aliens real names folks) for their trophy skulls, and suddenly the human explorers find themselves in the middle of an ancient battle that still rages on: hunt or be hunted!

I think the ending was actually really great. The Predators didn’t always kill every last human that got in their way, and it clearly showed here, though I have to wonder how Alexa (Sanaa Lathan) is going to explain those acid tribal scars on her face for her next job!