whatliesbeneathby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

What happens when betrayed love twists the vengeful ghost who’s just waiting in the depths? We find out What Lies Beneath.

Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford) is a university research scientist who is having concerns over his apparently unstable wife, Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer). A retired concert cellist, Claire was in a bad car accident a year ago and has been acting a tad strange ever since, more so since she recently sent her daughter Caitlin (Katharine Towne) off to college. Now alone with Norman in their lakeside Vermont home, Claire begins suffering disturbing visions and what she believes to be hauntings, a woman’s face in the water that looks eerily like hers but isn’t hers.

At Norman’s urging, Claire sees a therapist and confesses that she thinks she’s being haunted, to which the therapist suggests that she try making contact and see what the ghost wants. Still determined despite being bombarded on all sides from things that go bump in the night, Claire grabs a friend and a Ouija board and does her level best to find out what the ghost who looks a smidge like her is trying to tell her!

I don’t want to give away the ending, but believe me, it’s a really great and unexpected twist. Helpful ghost stories are hard to find, especially ones as subtle and superbly crafted as this. The story may drag a little here and there, but trust me, the payoff at the end and the real villain’s just desserts are totally worth it!