librariansby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

Anyone familiar with the absolutely adorable Noah Wyle should know The Librarian series. He’s kind of the Indiana Jones of the supernatural world who calls himself the Librarian, and goes on all sorts of adventures to retrieve magical artifacts causing mischief in the outside world! And now, the TNT network is taking a great leap toward making the beloved films into a full-on television series. How does it stack up?

First of all, be aware that Noah Wyle himself isn’t set up as the star of this new TV series. Rather these two new mini-movies as the start of the TV show, The Librarians and the Crown of King Arthur and The Librarians and the Sword in the Stone, are the setup of a whole team of Librarians (there’s usually only one ever) that the world now needs. Let’s wander back to the beginning to find out why.

Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) has been the one and only Librarian for several years now, selected by the semi-sentient Library itself, and gleefully Indiana-Jones-ing the world, battling vampires (real ones), mummy curses and having fun practicing swordfighting with the legendary sword Exaclibur! Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), a commander in a counter-terrorism unit, meets Flynn while trying to defuse a bomb, which the same thing Flynn is doing. Only, it happens to be a kind of spiritual bomb; it’s a pearl that summons demons but doesn’t control them, and it’s kept under some really difficult, potentially lethal locks and keys. After that sort of funny meeting, the Library sends Baird an invitation to the Library itself, in order to become a Guardian to the one and only Librarian! Flynn, of course, wants none of it, since he’s used to working on his own. He and Eve have bigger problems, though; someone is killing off people who had applied to be the next Librarian. So, Flyn and Baird are off to go find the three applicants who were sent invitations but never showed up, as they’re likely to be next!

Enter Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), a notable synesthete who suffers from a brain tumor; master thief with the fun accent, Ezekiel Jones (John Kim); and the midwestern cowboy who knows ancient languages and symbolism, Jake Stone (Christian Kane). The Serpent Brotherhood are a group of bad guys who figured out that if they put Excalibur into the legendary stone, much of the magic that’s been missing from the modern world will leak back out, and if they possess the Crown of King Arthur, the magic will be under their control! When the Brotherhood attacks Stone, our heroes learn of their plan. The Crown really does work at controlling magical artifacts, as evidenced when poor Cal (Flynn’s nickname for Excalibur) is forced into stabbing Flynn. The protectors of the Library decide to literally roll up everything and disappear, rather than let the Brotherhood have it! Which leads us off into The Sword in the Stone.

I don’t want to spoil the ending. Let’s just say that Flynn has new LITs (Librarians in Training), as he calls them, Eve is their new Guardian, and the Library itself is still poised to help save the world on a weekly basis! Yes, the show is adorkable and campy and occasionally lighthearted to the point of almost nauseating. We have to wait to find out if our four new heroes can hold their own without the boss-leader there, as Wyle is only currently scheduled to make drop-in cameos throughout the first season of the show. I personally cannot wait!