by Alicia Glass, contributing writer

It’s been a big year for sci-fi and fantasy programs! New spins on old characters, and inevitable conclusions that are no less awesome for being forseeable. Join me as we take a look at the best TV scenes of 2014.

The Flash


Given that the highly-anticipated show came out in 2014 and is in its super-heroic infancy, The Flash has itself a ton of happy followers. Like a much more delightful almost puppy-dog-ish version of the DC world, Barry and his crew run red-gold circles around the meta-human blowback of the explosion that juiced Flash in the first place, often adorably narrated by Barry himself. Arguably the best episode so far was the Flash vs. Arrow crossover, where Barry gets a taste of Oliver Queen’s world and still manages to keep his sense of humor about it all! Check out my take on that here.



As is often the case, it’s hard to pick and choose favorite moments of the gritty vigilante drama that is Stephen Amell’s abs and also a tormented soul with a bow. Having chased the murderer of Canary everywhere and dealt with the return of a changed Thea, Malcolm Merlyn popping back up and hey look it’s League of Assassins folk and they are not happy, Ollie decides to take matters into his own hands (when does he not do that?) and confront the leader of the League, in the long and breathlessly awaited epic fight between Green Arrow and Ra’s al Gul on top of a mountain. We all know Ollie isn’t dead, despite (SPOILERIFIC!) being beaten half to death, run through with a sword and tossed off the mountainside. Current speculation and my personal favorite hypothesis says that Arrow could land in the Lazarus pool, which of course Gul would want to keep nearby, or be taken there by some sympathetic bystander.


Game of Thrones


No list of this caliber would be complete without at least a mention of Game of Thrones. Yes, the Red Wedding in this season was awful and, even for those of us who read the books and knew it was coming, terribly hard to watch. All was forgiven, though, when we were finally graced with the end of Joffrey Baratheon’s life, aptly nicknamed the Purple Wedding by fans, due to the fact that dear Joff turned a lovely shade of toxic purple as he died. Good riddance.


Sleepy Hollow


Mills and Crane came back to us, still fighting the good fight, this time with helpers along the way: treasure hunter Hawley, Abbie’s sister Jenny, and of course Crane’s witchy wife Katrina. Much discussion was had over how much good was left in Henry, Crane and Katrina’s son, and whether he was worth the effort to save or should be just eliminated and done with it. The mid-winter finale proved that, even as darkness closes in all around and the end really does look nigh, the merest whispered memory of love really will save the day.


Agents of Shield


Well now! We finally got to learn what the scratchings and visions meant, now it’s off to find that lost city and destroy any entrance methods before HYDRA can get to it! Oh, and a crazy father, played expertly by an always-outstanding Kyle McLaughlan, finally got to visit his daughter and give her her real name. What was it? SPOILER ALERT – it’s Daisy Johnson, a.k.a. Quake, opening the door to the entire Marvel Inhuman storyline. They can’t use the word “Mutants,” since Fox owns that with the X-Men franchise, so it does appear that Inhumans will be the Next Big Thing for Marvel, as far as television goes. Don’t forget Agent Carter! (Did I mention Marvel seems a bit overeager?)


The Walking Dead


As if the end of the world and zombie apocalypse wasn’t enough (oh, no!), now we have cannibal gangs, psychotic betrayer priests, and that one little girl who caused so much trouble. Carol finally became an utter badass in her own right, and while that’s awesome, she had to sacrifice a good portion of her humanity to do it. Not to disparage (Oh! The SPOILAGE!) the death of Beth, or the eating of poor Bob’s leg or even the cannibal slaughterhouse surprise at Terminus, the most epic scene of the wholly depressing occasionally coincidental zombie drama has to do with flowers. Carol did what she had to do to Lizzie, there’s no question about that, but really, you will never hear “Look at the flowers” in quite the same tone ever again.




This breakout show, which had DC fans drooling and answered Marvel in a big way, once again poses the problem of which particular scene was the best. Jim Gordon is excellent, his partner Bullock is fun, there’s a young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle and even Penguin, and gangsters galore! I think perhaps my personal favorite was when Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays everyones favorite psycho lawyer Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face, was confronting a gangster he suspected of having something to do with the Wayne murders. Dent is calmly trying to badger a bad guy gangster into confessing things, tossing lawyerly things at him with grace and next thing you know, his face absolutely contorts and he’s screaming fire and brimstone down on the guys head!


The Librarians


The new show based on the rather-popular Librarian TV movies with Noah Wyle only began in December, but it’s already chock-full of adorkable moments we love. Having the lady who played a mature Mystique in the X-Men movies as the Protector of the new Librarians helps too. And as much as we love the three new Librarians-in-training, they have to delve into their characters a bit more to overshadow Wyle in his recurring role as The Librarian. So far the best scene of the show was, yes, when Flynn confronted the conclave of supernatural representatives from around the world, telling them exactly why they need to keep the Library going.

We’d love to hear what your favorite scenes from 2014 are! Sound off in comments below!