androidapppictureLOS ANGELES – On February 18, 2015, Krypton Radio became the first science fiction themed radio station in the world to release player apps for all major mobile platforms. The new player apps were released for iOS via Apple’s iTunes, Android via Google Play, Blackberry and Blackberry 10, making Krypton Radio’s unique brand of nerdy audio entertainment available for about 96% of the world’s mobile devices. The mobile app for Windows phones is anticipated to be released sometime in early March.

The new apps feature “now playing” information, as well as a play history showing the last several songs played, access to Krypton Radio’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter social media channels, and even a sleep timer so you can go to sleep listening to majestic sci-fi sound tracks late at night without leaving your player running all night. The players are partially ad supported, which means they can be provided to Krypton Radio fans absolutely free.

The station was already available on the iTunes desktop app as an internet station (listed under “Eclectic”), as well as on the Windows Media Guide and the Stitcher and TuneIn services. Twice in 2014, in March and in November, Krypton Radio won Editor’s Pick on the Windows Media Guide. To put this award in perspective, one of the three other stations that won this award the same week in March was BBC Radio One. This rise in popularity made it possible for the station to be a media sponsor of the 2014 Geekie Awards.

Krypton Radio was founded in 2009 by movie industry veterans Gene Turnbow & Susan Fox along with a small group of friends who wanted a sci-fi radio station but couldn’t find one – so they made it themselves. Since then the internet-only station has grown dramatically, from a small fan-run project into a full service radio station and news site for nerds. It now marches to (and plays) a different beat, one defined by the fans themselves. The science fiction and comics fandom community generates billions of dollars of revenue each year, and is second in size only to pro sports fandom.

Krypton Radio is, by any measure, the world’s most popular radio station truly dedicated to not just one fandom or genre, but all of them. Catering to fans of science fiction, fantasy, comics, steampunk, gaming and anime, the Krypton Radio format appeals to the entire spectrum of pop culture enthusiasts. It’s partly supported by advertising sales, and partly by contributions from its tens of thousands of listeners in 123 countries around the world. Krypton Radio is owned and operated by Krypton Media Group, Inc., a California corporation.

The station’s slogan, “It’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi”, now takes on a whole new meaning.

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