Adding to its growing list of accolades, the indie superhero film The Posthuman Project won GeekFest Film Fest’s Best Feature Award at Long Beach Comic Expo 2015. The film is written and produced by Emmy Award-winning director Kyle Roberts, and is his first feature-length motion picture. It stars Kyle Whalen as Denny Burke, a high school senior who’s going through a rough patch already when his life is turned upside down during a rock-climbing trip. Yup, he and four of his friends somehow get super powers. It’s a superhero origin story crossed with a John Hughes teenage coming of age movie, and the results, despite what is very obviously a very low budget, are pretty super.

The Posthuman Project was originally conceived as a twelve part web series, and crowdfunded by Roberts and his friends directly, eschewing the traditional paths of Kickstarter or IndieGogo.

The film debuted originally in January of 2014, and has made appearances at conventions around the country, including San Diego Comic-Con in 2014. The newest award from GeekFest is the newest addition to its trophy shelf.  Written by Sterling Gates and Matthew Price, the Oklahoma-made film recently completed an extended theatrical run in Oklahoma City and will be have a Video On Demand release later this spring.

Want to watch the entire film? Here it is, but you’ll have to sign up for a free account on to see it.

The Posthuman Project is on Twitter, and you can follow it at @PosthumanProjt.

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