Dji. Death Sails, the follow up to the award-winning short film Dji. Death Fails, is an equally amusing 3D animation by director Dmitri Voloshin and Russian animation house Simpals that tells the story of a distracted Grim Reaper who is more interested in playing with the contents of a bulging treasure chest than he is in harvesting the soul of a shipwrecked pirate.

Unfortunately for us we don’t speak Russian, (Simpals is located in Moldova) so getting more than rudimentary information from their web page was tricky. On the plus side, Simpals’ short animation, like most non-American films, does not rely on the spoken word to tell the story. It works just fine with no dialog at all, and it’s really hysterically funny.

Brighten your day and watch this buffoon of a Death screw up his one job.

– 30 –