By Nur Hussein

Sherlock and Watson, old-timey style.

Sherlock and Watson, old-timey style.

Last November, when the BBC released an image of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in incredibly dapper 19th century costumes, we sighed and wished to ourselves that perhaps one lucky day we might see that version of Sherlock Holmes gracing our TV screens. It can’t have been just me wishing it, because our dreams just came true and that is exactly what we’re getting from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss this December with a Sherlock special set in an era-appropriate London of the 19th century.

How will Moffat and Gatiss reconcile the fact that their Sherlock and Watson are modern-day interpretations of the character? Well, easy: they won’t. According to Moffat, the special will be out-of-continuity, a concept familiar to comics fans (an example is DC Comic’s Elseworlds comics which are non-canon “what if” stories). Moffat told Entertainment Weekly, “The special is its own thing.” When BBC greenlit a special for Sherlock, Moffat and Gatiss took the opportunity to tell this story with a Victorian setting.

It is unknown whether the story will be an original one, or based off a canonical Arthur Conan Doyle work. No airdate has been set yet, but December is the most likely time for the special to air.

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