Business news by Vagabond ‘Tony” Carter

lex_corp_superman__89874.1411549147.1280.1280Being honest, running the world’s only full time science fiction radio station is hard work. Our staff, writers, DJs, and on air personalities pour heart soul and blood into this wonderful endeavor  to give you the very best in Sci-fi, Gaming, and related fandom content every day 365 days a year. That’s not free … as much as we’d like it to be.

For some time now we’ve promoted ourselves via Kickstarter and other crowd funding mechanisms. Additionally,  we offer advertising at rates that make paper fliers look as wasteful as they are.

It looks scary from time to time, with our own Gene Turnbow having to eat ramen every night some weeks just to keep us on the air – but that will all soon be in the past! Our legal has given me the go ahead to announce that Krypton Radio may soon be under new ownership as several corporate entities have stepped forward with offers. Among these is a man well known for his philanthropic effort, Mr. L. Luthor of Lexcorp, who assures us that should negotiations complete that the spirit of Krypton Radio will remain unchanged despite Lexcorp’s reputation for hostile takeovers.

The offer is not without it’s challengers, however. New York based Oscorp and UK-Japan joint Weyland-Yutani corporations have also put in bids in amounts we can’t currently disclose.  Negotiations are expected to conclude sometime in the next few weeks.

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