After months of building excitement among Star Wars fans, Lucasfilm has released the new teaser for the J.J. Abrams directed movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The teaser was shown in a live panel this morning at the huge Star Wars Celebration convention less than two hours ago. The cast and crew were there, even BB-8, the spherical droid everybody thought was a CG effect, but he’s real.

We don’t see Luke Skywalker’s face in this – in fact the only familiar character we really see is Darth Vader’s molten helmet. Presumably Luke collected from his funeral pyre on Endor. We don’t see Leia, either – but there is a new character to whom Luke is speaking, who is as strong in the Force as the rest of Luke’s family.

Nothing we can say is going to make this experience any better for you.  Just turn off the radio stream above while you watch it, then turn up the volume, set the player to full screen and watch.  There’s a cameo at the end with two characters who are a sight for sore eyes.


You may not be leaving the Krypton Radio web site for a while, so get comfortable.

Then come back tonight late night and watch with the lights off.

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