by Gene Turnbow, station manager

It was probably inevitable that somebody would find a way to get their hands on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser and leak the thing. We’re hoping that we can keep a valid link for this article long enough for you to see it. The trailer releases in theaters April 20, but this cam version is good enough to show you what you need to know.

Be sure to turn off the Krypton Radio player temporarily while you watch this, then turn it back on when you’re done. That way you’ll be able to hear the dialog and follow what’s going on. Then we can talk about what we think has gone awry.

Update: Director Zack Snyder decided it would be better to have the real trailer out there than that pirated cam version, so here’s the official release of the trailer. The rest of the commentary below still applies.


From this video, it’s fairly clear that Warner Bros. has no idea what they’re doing. They’re applying the same tired old formulaic story elements that got them in trouble in the first place with. There is nothing we can see in this trailer that suggets that Snyder has any idea how to do a superhero movie. And the blaaaaaat-blaaaaaat horns stolen from Inception just underscore the lack of creative thought that went into this. It’s as though they couldn’t be bothered to do more than shorthand notes on what the trailer should be like, and they’re hoping we won’t notice the difference.

Zack Snyder is doing an even darker movie than Man of Steel, which was already objectionably dark and had Superman committing murder at the end. While Superman is a fictional character, this breaks the character. He’s been around for 70 years, and it’s very very well established that he does not kill people. That he does in Snyder’s film shows a certain irreverence for the source material. Now that he’s gone down that rabbit hole, though, he is compelled to resolve it and clean up the narrative mess.

Snyder also has to solve the problem of Superman being massively overpowered compared to Batman, so to get the two combatants on a more level playing field, he gives Batman a power suit. The power armor idea is taken from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so there’s some canon validation going on there. If it’s kryptonite powered, that would nicely handle it. However, from a story standpoint it’s low hanging fruit, and inelegant. The emotional context that drives it all seems to come from some of the humans caught in the middle of all that collateral damage from the  Man of Steel story line.  Superman, in the previous film, was at least partly responsible for destroying most, if not all, of downtown Metropolis. The death toll must have been staggering, the equivalent of a nuclear device being detonated.

I don’t see these as plot complications, really.  I see them as directorial complications. Snyder may surprise us, and I hope he does.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Ben Affleck, Gal Godot, Holly Hunter, Jeremy Irons, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, and is set for release March 25, 2016. We think there are a lot of problems to solve, and that this story line appears to be  taking the wrong-headed Man of Steel storyline and doubling down.

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