It doesn’t have a catchy title, but the tune and the tongue in cheek attitude more than make up for it. Have a look at today’s Video of the Day, an Avengers: Age of Ultron music parody featuring all the members of the team facing their greatest challenge: staying on key.

As always with these things, turn off the Krypton Radio player at the top right before playing the video, so that you don’t get that great Krypton Radio music and the cool video both playing at once. Ready? Let’s go!

The video features Peter Hollins as Captain America / Steve Rogers, and pokes a lot of holes in the Avengers universe.  “Welcome to the Avengers Universe, where there’s nothing to avenge, where radiation’s a good thing, and all wounds magically mend.”

Some really good points, actually.

The production values are wonderful, and the music is high octane stuff. Watch through to the end, as Thor is actually played by a woman, probably the same one who plays Black Widow, and it isn’t until we hear her speak that we realize we’ve been had. And Nick Fury plays some awesome horns.


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