by Gene Turnbow, station manager

To be a good steampunk band – a really good one – requires being musically gifted and being willing to take risks other musicians or bands can’t or won’t. The French steampunk band Victor Sierra meets that challenge head on. Their new album, Dark Passenger, will be their third.

Commander Bob and The Legendary Converted Princes Anouk are the songwriter/front man and lead singer for Victor Sierra, respectively. They form the core of the Paris-based band, with a remarkable sound and a unique history. They hadn’t set out to be a steampunk band, surprisingly. Commander Bob was only told two years after creating his unique sound that there was a genre to which the band’s music belongs.
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Victor Sierra is fully invested in the mythology that goes with the music. Their characters originate in a parallel world where the most powerful force in the world is steam – and it’s a world being torn apart by electrical storms and hurricanes, pirate hordes and armies of villians. Piloting their fragile airship, the “Hydrogen Queen”,  through storm after storm, they finally cross a dimensional anomaly to a parallel world: ours.

Of the band, Commander Bob says, “We consider our band as an international one, evolving in this world and other worlds more of the parallel kind.”

Krypton Radio has several selections from their previous albums in our playlist. If you love steampunk, you’ll love the work of Victor Sierra. 

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