There’s never enough time in the day, it seems. Decisions fill our days. But what if you had all the time in the world? What choices would you make? this short film from Fabien Weibel during his studies at Bellecour Ecole in Lyon, France studies that question. A man obsessed with time makes worse and worse choices as his morning unfolds, but a temporal loop blesses him with a chance to redo everything until he gets it right.

As always while watching video on the Krypton Radio web site, temporarily pause the radio stream using the controller at the top right, so that you don’t get that “dualing soundtracks” problem.  Ready? You’re going to love this one.

Destiny was a graduation project Weibel created in 2012 with fellow students Manuel Alligné, Sandrine Wurster and Victor Debatisse. This 5:25 minutes long film took them a year to complete. Weibel got the idea for the basic concept from watching Groundhog Day, as you might have guessed. The music was created by  Antoine Duchêne.

Destiny has won several prizes from festival or events around the world:

  • FR, Lyon, Lauréat du concours Ganuta, 2012
  • USA, Kent, Prix du public – Standing Rock International Short Film Festival, 2012
  • FR, Puy en Velay, Prix du public – Festival “Court mais bon”, 2013
  • FR, Lyon,prix du jury , CLAC Festival 7e édition, 2013
  • IT, Prix des ecoles d’animation “Titano D’Argento” San Marino Film Festival, 2013

We hope you enjoy this gem of visual storytelling.

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