Star Trek Continues has just released its newest episode, and it’s a tear-jerker. White Iris is the title of the newest installment of this award winning web series. Voice actor Vic Mignogna captains this effort in more than one sense, not only turning in amazing on-camera performances as Captain James T. Kirk, but producing and writing for the fan series as well.

In this episode, Kirk must face demons from his past in time to save a newly admitted Federation world from extinction.

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The episode features characters from Kirk’s past, played by Nakia Burrise, Adrienne Wilkinson, Tiffany Brouwer, Gabriela Fresquez and newcomer Sarai Duenas, with Marina Sirtis as the voice of the Enterprise’s computer – but the surprise casting is Doctor Who #6, Mr. Colin Baker in the role of Amphidamas.

Star Trek Continues won Best Web Series in the 2014 Geekie Awards, as well as the Telly Awards and the global Accolade Awards in 2015, and it continues to rack up accolades, all well earned. It’s probably the best fan made Star Trek production out there, and features the work of a great many actors and production artists who worked on various incarnations of Star Trek throughout its illustrious history.


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