Harkening back to the days when the giant monsters on the big screen were just your ordinary run of the mill pets with bits of rubber stuck on (Irwin Allen’s The Lost World, we’re looking at you), it’s Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster!

Seventh in the “Tiny Hamster” series of videos by the Hello Denizen channel on YouTube, this epic short subject tells the tale of an unlucky hamster who encounters some vile green goop while simultaneously struck by lightning. Growing to enormous proportions, he wreaks havoc on the city, destroying buildings (om nom nom), trees (om nom nom), cars (om nom nom) and even the helicopters and aircraft sent to thwart his onslaught (om nom nom)!

What will happen? Will the city be destroyed? Will the collateral damage exceed even the final scenes in Man of Steel? Or will justice and the forces of good prevail? Imminent doom has never been so excruciatingly cute.

– 30 –