Have you ever watched an old music video from the 80’s that you felt sure was intended to be hip and cool and somehow probably never hit the mark even then? L.B. Rayne is a fictional 80’s pop performer, created by brothers Joe and Doug Bresler. Laurence Butler Rayne is the quintessential hack who never quite got his big break in the entertainment industry, and like many failed artists, has an inventory of embarrassing efforts to show for it. Today’s video, Terminate Our Love, is actually a modern creation, but very meta – it recreates in loving detail what these crappy little music videos were all about.

Ready for a serious retro why-god-why music video? Scenes from The Terminator are recreated for this intentionally eye-burning parody piece. Pause the Krypton Radio music feed using the handy controller at the upper right so you don’t get that sound track cross talk problem.  Ready?  Here we go!

Doug Bresler is the founder of Doogtoons, an animation company with a number of high profile clients including Google, Fox Sports, Cinemax and even Weird Al Yankovic, who tends to make cameo appearances in Doug’s work.

Terminate Our Love is Doug’s sixth entry in the epic saga of L.B. Rayne music videos. Like the previous efforts, the attention to schlocky detail is impeccable and the song is undeniably catchy, and certainly qualifies as filk music from our perspective. Check out more videos on Doug’s YouTube channel Doogtoons.

“Come vith me if you vant to liff.”  Heh heh heh.

– 30 –

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