The horror film genre requires, possibly more than any other, consummate abilities in acting, directing, writing, lighting, editing, stagecraft – in short, every skill it takes to make a motion picture in the first place. Today’s offering is a short subject by filmmaker Mike Diva, and it has everything it needs to be perfect. And it is. Shot for the Guillermo Del Toro & Legendary pictures “House of Horrors” competition, THRESHER tells the horrifying tale of man trapped in a dark, musky room with demons from another dimension.  How did he get there? Will he escape?

Temporarily pause the Krypton Radio music stream using the controller at the upper left while you watch this.  Full screen.  In the dark. While holding your teddy bear.

The ending is not what you think it will be, and every aspect of THRESHER is carefully crafted so that you don’t have to work to suspend your disbelief. What is happening to this man appears real.

Horror rounds out the world of fantasy and science fiction in which so many of us center ourselves. We’re glad to see that the walking dead are alive and well.

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