The Purple Patriot is a contestant on America's Got Superpowers.

The Purple Patriot is a contestant on America’s Got Superpowers.

UK independent game developer No Bull Intentions is giving away all three episodes of its superhero-themed comedy adventure game Supreme League of Patriots to gamers who bought Arkham Knight for PC – even if they already received a refund.

The way No Bull Intentions is thinking about this, they feel that PC gamers get taken for granted far too often. If we play games on a PC, we’re often subjected to shoddy console ports, problems with drivers, game-breaking bugs, late launches, anti-piracy measures so badly built that they break not only the game but sometimes our computers as well. No Bull feels our pain.

That’s why they’re offering anybody who bought Arkham Knight for PC before midnight EST on 30th June, 2015 (digital or retail) a free copy of the entire first season of Supreme League of Patriots. We’ve all been watching in disappointment as Rocksteady and Warner Bros. struggle through getting Batman: Arkham Knight finished and shipped, and it looks like No Bull Intentions wants to fill that gap with a little levity with the comical adventures of The Purple Patriot.

Gamers wishing to claim their free copy of Supreme League of Patriots should follow the instructions on their Tumblr blog.

Supreme League of Patriots was released earlier this year for  Windows, Mac and Linux and episode one has just been released on the  App Store.

We note with amusement, by the way, that the abbreviation for Supreme League of Patriots is “SLOP”.

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