We always write about others and the great causes and projects we think you’d like to be a part of. Now we’d like to do something unusual, and turn the camera on ourselves.

You can become a part of something wonderful – Krypton Radio!

We have a full time, 24/7 geek/sci-fi radio station that you can listen to, for free, any time you want. We have some great talk shows and adventure serials, but we also feature music from sci-fi and fantasy television, movies and games. We even play music made by the fans themselves, and we’re the only station that does. We also have some pretty great talk shows, covering everything from Dr. Who to sci-fi in media, to the literary end of things.

Our radio shows have had some really famous people on them: John Scalzi, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert, David Gerrold, Jody Lynn Nye, Tim Russ, Vic Mignogna, Adrienne Wilkinson, Bruce Boxleitner, Ben Bova, Eric Leuthardt, Bill Schultz, Katy Manning, Colin Baker and a lot more.

To help keep our station going, we’re asking you to become a patron. So what if all you can afford is a buck?  That’s all we’re asking! We’re keeping the donation levels low for a reason. We want you to be able to be a part of something wonderful, yet not think twice about it.

Unlike traditional radio, Krypton Radio is a two way conversation. We’re geek culture radio for the fans, but we’re also powered by the fans, and a lot of the stuff we broadcast is the stuff you make!

So what do you say? If you become part of the Krypton Radio family, we can keep all this going.   Even a dollar or three will matter.

Come join us. It’s easy. You’ll like it, we promise.

And, most importantly, thank you.

– 30 –