This proves that Ann Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are, at the base of things, geeks. In this short subject created for Levitt’s Hit Record on TV project on Pivot TV, Hathaway as Dr. Vivica Virus and Gordon-Levitt as Brock Blaster are so busy fighting each other as superhero and supervillian that they don’t realize that their sidekicks are forming a bond of friendship. Arach-Ned and Little Boy Boom, played by Brian and Nick of BriTANick have to make some serious decisions when things go badly for their respective “number ones”.

First, the fun stuff – then we’ll tell you something about how it was made, and why. Be sure to give the Krypton Radio stream a temporary pause using the controller at the upper right so you don’t have that pesky “dueling soundtracks” problem as you watch the video.  Ready?  Go ahead, hit play.  We’ll wait.

The title of the series on which this short subject aired this year is a little strange. It’s Hit Record on TV, and it’s named because Hit Record (that’s “hit record” as in hitting the record button, not as in having a record at the top of the charts) is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s groundbreaking creativity project that turns the entire studio production process on its head. Instead of a studio hiring people to make or create visual elements, at people make elements which are then used to create new shows, usually short subjects, for the internet. Gordon-Levitt calls it an “open collaboration production company”, and the creators who make the stuff for it actually get paid when their stuff gets used.

The television network upon which Hit Record on TV airs is called, and it’s also a new idea: it’s a TV network that broadcasts in real time, but over the internet. It’s bundled with your cable service, but you watch it over the internet, not your cable box. Television, by its nature, is a very passive medium, but takes advantage of the internet to make it more of a two way conversation, where viewers can actively participate and get involved in some of the issues and events they see on the channel. To see the shows, you tune in at the right time to see them broadcast live.

Hit Record and Pivot TV both represent the new dawn of entertainment as a two-way conversation with the audience. This makes us a little giddy, actually, because it proves that Krypton Radio’s community approach to radio by and for geeks everywhere is on the right track as well.

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