Only in Bat in the Sun fight movies would you ever be able to see an epic universe crossover battle like like this one – and nothing says “4th of July” like Harley Quinn, Domino, The Joker, and Deadpool all in one epic beatdown.

No, really, nothing says “4th of July” like this, because when you think about it, this doesn’t really say “4th of July” either, so we haven’t actually lied. It might say “chimichanga”, though, and Deadpool does say that about midway through. So we do have that going for us.

Be sure to temporarily pause the Krypton Radio stream while you watch this so you can hear all the dialog.

This isn’t just outstandingly choreographed fight scenes. It’s also some really really good acting. We especially love Harley Quinn and Deadpool in this, the two actors really bring their characters to life.  Well, kind of near death, too. Except Deadpool, who can’t really die anyway.

It’s directed by Aaron Schoenke, who gets in front of the camera himself as the Joker (but is voiced by Jason Marnocha). Amy Johnston is both charming and terrifying as Harley Quinn, and frankly we think she’d have been just fine in Suicide Squad, and maybe better than the girl they did cast in that role. The wisecracking, boob-grabbing, fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool is played by Orion Acaba, and Domino is given life (so far as we know this is the first time anyone has played Domino on screen) by actress Tatiana Dekhtyar.

This is the sixteenth episode of Bat in the Sun, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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