If you were waiting for a reason to go buy a game console, this game may be it. The breakout cross genre mashup game of the year is LEGO Dimensions, which drops players into an adventure of epic proportions. Combining LEGO characters from comics, television, movies, and even other games, LEGO Dimensions is a thrill ride through time, space, the impossible and the improbable. The game works by providing a special interface to the console that is actually partly built out of LEGO. Where you place your Dimensions characters on the various platforms and areas on the control has direct effect on events in the game. This is a groundbreaking idea in console gaming, where players actually build part of the game from scratch with their own hands.

Various universes are available as separate add-in game content called “packs”, so for each fandom you have, you’ll have to buy a separate pack for it. The crossover potential is enormous, and the game wastes none of it. The characters and environments explore some pretty interesting ideas.  For example, what would Batman do if he got aboard the TARDIS?

And just so you know, this is Peter Capaldi providing the voice of The Doctor for the LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Pack, with Nicolas Briggs as the Daleks and Cyberman. Jenna Coleman will be providing the voice of Clara, and Michelle Gomez will be providing the voice of Missy. The rest of the cast is pretty impressive, with actors reprising their roles from the show.

LEGO Dimensions releases September 27, for every game console currently made (but not for PC or Mac).

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