by Willow Leafstorm

DSC00157A few years ago DC Comics rebooted the DC Universe with the New 52 Universe.  This move garnered much controversy and criticism among their fans due to the reworking of the continuity of many of their stories.  The new 52 Universe generated as much excitement as when the Coca Cola Bottling Company announced New Coke with a different taste and formulation that was more like Pepsi that was to replace the traditional Coca Cola.

We know how that turned out.

So, here we go again,  after the chaos and aftermath of the Convergence mini series.  DC comics now introduces their new comic book world named “DC You.”  The claim is that the new direction they are taking this brand new DC Universe is for all the fans, whether you are a die-hard comic book veteran or a new-comer to DC comics.  They promise something for everyone.

The San Diego Comic-Con 2015 panel DC Justice for All Panel: DC You, featured a number of writers and artists along with Geoff Johns, the chief creative Officer at DC Comics.  Much of the panel focused on Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Doctor Fate and The Flash. Some of the changes involve complete reboots, others just redirect the existing storylines established in New 52. There is a renewed focus on diversity and on more youthful heroes.

wonder-womanWonder Woman has been given a whole new look by artist David Finch, and even a number of costume changes including an armored uniform.  One thing for certain is that there is very little exposed skin and her bracelets now sport short swords similar to Wolverine’s claws.  The writer, Meredith Finch, has introduced a new villain who doesn’t  like the way Wonder Woman has assumed her new role as the God of Ware and feels that he can do a better job. This new character has done some terrible things and there will be a focus on her path to redemption as she struggles to become a good person.


IMG_0139Next up is the new Cyborg by writer David F Walker who believes that the new Cyborg, also known as Vic Stone, should be completely updated. It’s not just like the difference between an iPhone 8 and an iPhone 7 –  in the panel,  Walker remarks that we should think of him as the iPhone 8000 and is taking him back into the realm of science fiction.  The new Cyborg is trim and sports vastly improved tech.  The new focus is on a character driven storyline, with Vic struggling to find and keep his humanity even as his foes keep forcing him into the machine half of him.  Some of the more human issues dealt with in the story include going on a date and how he goes to the bathroom.  The new series features art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate

Meanwhile, there is a new Doctor Fate, with the Helmet of Nabu being handed to a Egyptian-American Brooklyn med student named Khalid Nassour.  Khalid is a bit overwhelmed. There’s no instruction manual, and he has to figure out how to use it to defeat Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead – who plans a flood to wash the world way because he thinks it smells.  Khalid has to deal with all this and still finish med school..  The new series is written by Paul Levitz and art is by Sonny Liew.

The Flash

The Flash

The new DC You Flash brings back Barry Allen and the story line follows fairly close to that of the television series. A yellow speedster murders Barry’s mother and the one clue Barry has is the word “Thawne.”  Meanwhile, his father is falsely imprisoned for his mother’s murder.  Barry also battles his arch nemesis the Reverse Flash also know as Professor Zoom. The story is by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen with art by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund. Though the comic book series may not follow the TV series directly and vice versa they are known to keep an eye on each other.

Many of the new comics have already been released in print form and some, like Cyborg #1, is due be released later this month. Let’s see just how “you” DC You really is.

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