Fallout Boy’s music graced the soundtrack to Big Hero 6, and for good reason. It stirs the blood and inspires, and it helps us rediscover that indomitable spirit that keeps us all moving forward and striving upwards. It’s easy to assert that the BBC’s Doctor Who does the same thing, reminding us common ordinary humans that each of us carries something wonderful inside, and that there’s no such thing as an unimportant person or a story not worth telling.

That’s why our Video of the Day today is this one. It’s a fan edit using footage from Day of the Doctor and other episodes from Season 7, combined with Fallout Boy’s Young Volcanoes. The edit choices match the pulse of the music, and the whole thing flows with the mutual thrill of the incendiary visuals and the sparkling music.

Enjoy this uplifting celebration of the geek spirit. We sure did.

– 30 –