This is so freaking cool it makes our teeth ache. Imagine going into battle armed only with the one thing that can focus your innate magical abilities to manifest that power in the real world: your wand. That’s what the Maguss Wand project claims to do for you, and a cursory analysis by Krypton Radio’s technogeeks suggests that they can actually pull this off.

The Maggus Wand is actually three pieces, the wand itself, a detection badge that resembles a Hogwarts school crest, and an app for your smart phone that does the scorekeeping. There will be three game modes, which go from simple to difficult – you’ll be able to challenge a friend to a wizard’s dual face to face, or find an opponent online.

The wand itself contains an infrared LED and a motion sensor, allowing the designers to implement spells based on sound, motion and direction. The infrared beacon transmits information to receivers worn by each participant, and the smart phone relays that signal to the servers where all the data is processed and sent back to the users. The smartphone app shows which spells were cast and what they did.

As of this writing, they have 26 days left in their Kickstarter, and they have roughly $13k of the $66k they need to get the sparks flying.

While they’re carefully sidestepping any possible trademark infringement, the echoes of Harry Potter run strong in this idea. We’re going to be watching closely. We can hardly wait to see this turn into a real product.

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