Timebox, a short film by Woolly Rhino Productions, reduces a time travel story to its logical essentials. A man wakes up in a room with a time travel device at his feet and learns to use it – remembering when he came from, he returns to the point at which he was captured and witnesses it all take place all over again. Will he survive the events laid out in the time loop?


The film is by Woolly Rhino Productions, a small production company consisting of Mike Rominski, Bryce Wandling, and Kellen Berg. While attending college together, the three shared a passion for films and entertainment. They write, shoot and edit films, music videos, promos and PSA’s for local businesses. Their ultimate goal is to make video content that is engaging and entertaining for an audience, while also offering behind the scenes looks at the projects they develop.

Their YouTube channel features a number of these cool little short films, each one presenting a theme or idea. The film above stands out among all the geek culture videos we show you in that it’s real, hard core, bare metal science fiction. This shows that you can tell a real science fiction story (as contrasted to science fantasy, which is how we would class most of what we see these days) and have it be simultaneously entertaining and thought provoking.

We hope you enjoy today’s selection, and remember that the mark of good science fiction is that it not only entertains us, but makes us think as well.