The fire began in the other half of the duplex and spread through the crawlspace attack to the Peters home, destroying both homes.

The fire began in the other half of the duplex and spread through the crawlspace attack to the Peters’ home, destroying both homes, jeopardizing their business and hospitalizing family members.

One of the most popular sounds in geekdom is that of Abney Park, arguably the world’s greatest steampunk band. There’s been a significant personal disaster for Robert Peters, the lighting designer for the band’s west coast shows. Rather than recap what Abney Park posted on their Facebook page, here is the exact statement:

Our lighting designer Robert Peters has been doing lighting for our west coast shows for more years then I can remember. He’s always the first person working the show, and the last person to leave, and when times are tough he’s offered to work for free because he loves Abney Park so much, and just loves doing it. (Even though I swear he works harder then me.)

Well, he’s had a recent catastrophe. He lived in a duplex with his family, and the neigbor in the adjoining house set the place on fire! The fire spread through the attic of the house and destroyed so much! He’s lost so much, much of the lighting he used for us, personal things, as well as many members of his family hospitalized.

If you can, please go help his fund raiser. Hopefully we can get him back on his feet soon, and back setting up stages for Abney Park. We are never quite as awesome without him, and this is such an unfair tragedy.

Here is his fundraiser page. If you can, help. If you can’t, even a repost is something, and maybe it will reach some one who can!

The fire destroyed the home of Lewis Peters, Jr. and Robert Peters, who own and operate Dispairworks Lighting Productions. The GoFundMe campaign is being managed by their sister Tammy Leonard.

Krypton Radio is doing its part by boosting the signal. If you can help, please toss in a buck or two, or more if you can afford it. This man deserves our help.

— Gene Turnbow, Station Manager