A YouTube performance art group called Improv Everywhere brings Spider-Man to life in a real life on-the-street crime drama.

As you watch this, remember to turn down the Krypton Radio player in the upper right – or pause it completely. Dueling soundtracks are bad.

You can turn the Krypton Radio stream back up now.

In this video, Spider-Man swings down to the street from the top of a 20 story building to rescue his Mary Jane Watson, to the applause of on-lookers, by way of a rather sophisticated custom built rig that lets their red and blue clad stunt man Richie fulfill his destiny .

We don’t know what’s more alarming – watching him swing down from an impossible height onto a busy New York sidewalk full of people, or the fact that when Mary Jane was screaming for help, not a single one of these seasoned New York pedestrians came to her rescue. Perhaps they sensed it was all staged, but New Yorkers really are unflappable.

And as goofy as this is, with all the obvious compromises they had to make to get Spidey leap safely off that roof, it still makes our eyes leak a bit.

Maybe it’s these onions we were just chopping. Yeah, let’s go with that.