This is one of the weirder mashups we’ve seen in a while. Steve Jackson Games brings us an unholy union of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the strange but maddeningly fun card attack game Munchkin.

nightmare-before-christmas-munchkin_byvysgThis version of Munchkin adds new character types, such as citizens from Halloween Town, Christmas Town, Thanksgiving Town and Easter Town. As you play, you’ll be facing monsters like Oogie Boogie, Doctor Finkelstein and Lock, Shock & Barrel from Halloween Town. You can even use Santa’s Sleigh as an assault vehicle as you backstab your fellow players and smack your foes around with new weapons and curses, in a quest for new kinds of treasure.

You can play The Nightmare Before Christmas Munchkin on its own, but it’s rules-compatible with all other versions of Munchkin, so you can toss a few decks into the figurative blender and see what comes out! The game is for 3-6 players, ages 10 and up.


  • 168 cards with custom colorful illustrations featuring favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters
  • (96 Door cards, 72 Treasure cards)
  • 1 Custom Oogie Boogie movie replica die (and we have no idea what that means, because there weren’t any dice in the movie that we remember)
  • 1 Set of Instructions

It’ll be in games stores everywhere.  If you like Munchkins and Tim Burton films, this could be an itch that needs scratching.