This is crazy, but the BBC has released another teaser prequel called The Doctor’s Meditation. It’s even on YouTube. The catch? They seem to have filtered that video on YouTube so that it can only be seen if you live in the U.K.

Fear not, Krypton Radio comes to the rescue with a link to a version that actually works here in the U.S., where arguably the biggest collection of Doctor Who fans are anyway, considering that the U.S. is several times the size of the U.K.

In this prequel, the Doctor is a master at procrastination, taking three weeks to face something he really doesn’t want to face. A friend of his is very ill, and may be dying.  As usual when watching video on the Krypton Radio web site, you may need to pause the music stream using the handy player controls at the upper right of the page.

Doctor Who makes its series 9 debut in just one more day. Will there be another prequel? There’s time to release one more, but possibly not two more. Let’s see what happens.

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