This evening at 9 p.m., tune in for a special edition of The Event Horizon: your hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan L. Fox welcome the cast and crew of the independent science fiction thriller Origins. The prologue, Origins: Beyond the Impact, sets up the inciting incident that is the foundation for everything to come – plus establishing all the characters firmly as real people, with goals and needs that are at odds with one another most of the time.

It all starts in 1962, a large object breaches Earth’s atmosphere and impacts in a remote mountain range in Death Valley, California. A half century later, the web series(a film/ web series hybrid), Beyond The Impact, tells the story of the multi-national corporation CROWE’s secret plan is to harness the mysteries found at the impact site, and the lives of the individuals most deeply affected.

When a senior CROWE scientist with direct ties to the impact site goes missing, a rookie FBI agent is teamed up with an experienced Russian operative in a race to find him.

Their investigation takes them to a small desert down where they cross paths with the locals, among them a community of test pilots, and a young lady morning the loss of a loved one.

The investigation starts to pull on the threads that will unravel the mystery of CROWE’s plan, a scheme that may well be one of the greatest secrets of the 20th century, and one that could change the world forever.

We have the entire prequel here on the page for you to watch. It’s so well done that there just isn’t anything they could do to improve it. Remember to turn off the Krypton Radio music stream while you watch these.

With us this evening are:

  • Jeff Patton
  • Tatiana Patton
  • David Wagner
  • Marc Biagi
  • Jessica Moor
  • Travis Osland
  • Kambra Potter
  • Sherry Migdol

That makes a total of ten voices to be heard on this episode, which is more than any other episode of The Event Horizon ever.

If you miss this evening’s episode, you can hear it again on Sunday, 4 p.m. PST, and at various additional times throughout the coming week.

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