by Elizabeth Carlie

This past Saturday, the world was treated to the spectacular season premiere of Doctor Who, but Los Angeles locals had an especially festive way to celebrate their love of the Doctor before the main event hit televisions screens come 9 pm Pacific. Whovians made their way to Burbank, California, to partake of handmade wares, hand crafted stories, and games galore at Clockwork Couture’s semi-annual event, ART OF THE TARDIS.

A craft faire dedicated to showcasing the work of local fans proudly displaying their lovingly crafted wares to the community, the event not only supports hardworking artists within the science fiction and fantasy community, but also hosts a stall or two dedicated to the charitable work Clockwork Couture does in helping find forever homes for strays and other castoff pets within the community. For a small donation, patrons of the event could have a short story written about their adventures with the doctor, straight off of a classic antique typewriter, or pose for pictures with the store’s own TARDIS, complete with props to give a perfect memento of the event just the right touch.

In addition to the company’s fundraising efforts, crafters from all over Southern California gathered to share their creations with the fandom community. Products available ranged from bath products and baked goods to wallets and beer steins, many in keeping with the theme of the day: Doctor Who. There was also a small selection of merchandise from other fandoms, such as Joss Whedon entities like Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the more recently acclaimed Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. It was a fitting match, given that among the merchant stalls was a table set up to promote the upcoming Whedonopolis, taking place May 13-15, 2015, at the Airtel Plaza in Los Angeles.

Along with providing a gathering place for crafty fans to celebrate their favorite renegade Time Lord, as well as offer handmade products dedicated to numerous other classic fandom properties, this year’s ART OF THE TARDIS also introduced patrons to the newest face of Clockwork Couture: Geeky Teas. With the fashion face of the company going online to better serve its client base, Geeky Teas now hosts a perfect gathering place for nerds of every sort, featuring a variety of accessories and souvenirs for geeks, Anglophiles, and Whovians alike, as well as a delightful selection of imported British treats and handmade teas for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Best of all, the revamped shop features a much larger space dedicated to family friendly gaming with shelves upon shelves of board games, and a private room featuring tables perfect for a rousing game of chess with that special Gallifreyan in your life.

Geeky Teas is located at 707 S Main St., Burbank, CA 91506. For more information, please visit their Facebook page. Clockwork Couture can be found online at their website.