So it seems that Hey Missy, the Trock pop single by Legs, Nose, Robinson, has made a resurgence after Saturday’s premiere of the 9th series of Doctor Who – which is awesome, because we play that song on Krypton Radio. But they’ve also released a brand new single and the video that goes with it just a few hours before.

Legs, Nose, Robinson is a Time Lord Rock (“trock”) band – can we coin a new term and call the “tpop”?

If you haven’t gotten to see it yet, you’re in for a treat. Shut Up is all about the Twelfth Doctor – and according to Legs, Nose, Robinson, it’s “kinda sorta definitely inspired by Peter Capaldi’s 80’s punk band, the Dreamboys”.

Temporarily pause the Krypton Radio stream using the player controller to the upper right, and click that little triangle in the center of the image below. We think it’s worth a listen.

If you love the music of Legs, Nose, Robinson and want more, you can stream and download their entire EP, The Oncoming Storm,  for FREE at these places:

We have no idea why they’re not charging for their music, but they’re not, and that makes it one of the best values in Doctor Who entertainment outside of the show itself.