We are given this wonderful trailer for The Sherlock Special, with Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr. Holmes.  Before you watch this trailer, be sure to pause the Krypton Radio music stream using the controller at the upper right of your screen.

What’s different about this rendition of Sherlock Holmes? For the first time, Cumberbatch and Freeman portray their characters in the original period in which the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were originally set. The near excruciating tension between the characters and their modern day anachronistic setting from the BBC series has been released, and we are watching the actors bring us Holmes and Watson in the Victorian world they were meant for.

And the results are breathtaking.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an air date for what looks like the best Sherlock Holmes story to date. Peter Moffat is at the helm of this production, which will be followed by three more episodes. Both PBS and the BBC have been remarkably tight with information on the exact release date, but it can’t be on the order of years, more probably like months; the timing of the release of this trailer suggests that it will make its on-air debut sometime in December, possibly near the Doctor Who Christmas Special.