In a perfect replica of the iconic car from Back to the Future, YouTube star Adam Rose gets behind the wheel. At the top of a parking garage at the Puente Hills Mall in Los Angeles County, he takes the Delorean, provided by,  for a spin in the actual original location of the first jump through time. Adam’s excitement is palpable.

As you watch this cool bit of cinema history in the making, be sure to pause your Krypton Radio audio stream so that you can hear everything Adam has to say.

The car is a perfect, perfect replica down to the last bolt.

Worth noting is the fact that Adam recreates the iconic poster from the first movie, but is missing something: a wristwatch, which he can’t be completely faulted for not having. After all, they’re something of an anachronism these days!

Today is the day the Doc and Marty arrived from the past, on October 21, 2015, at 4:29 pm. After that time today, every single event in the three movie Back to the Future trilogy will have taken place in the past. Something to think about.