This is the fifth trailer for the ambitious first person space exploration game No Man’s Sky. Meant to run on a Playstation 4, it’s been in production since 2013, and it’s amazing. The game provides you with a seamless “deep space to planet surface and back again” experience in a way that no other game ever has – or at least it will when it’s released. With this trailer, we finally have a release date: June of 2016.

Inspired by classic science-fiction and its overwhelming sense of adventure and imagination, the British development company Hello Games is working hard to bring us a game of unprecedented scale and ambition. In No Man’s Sky you explore a universe which, for practical purposes, has no limit. Each world is completely created by algorithms, so each will have unique flora, fauna, geology, weather and civilization where applicable. Presumably a pretty large number of these worlds will be barren, airless balls of dirt.

One thing notable is that while we do see evidence of alien civilizations, we don’t see any actual people in these trailers. The game is meant to be multiplayer, and it will release simultaneously for Playstation 4 and PC, so there should be no shortage of humans running around in it – so we can only wait to see what that looks like when two players stand face to face on the same planet. Getting two players to be able to rendezvous on one discovered world may be something of a trick, though. The galaxy in No Man’s Sky will be big – really big. We’re talking on the order of 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets, but with a central registry of the discovered worlds, so there’s at least a chance of being able to share that experience with other playrs.

Yes, that’s Rutger Hauer narrating the experience, in a wonderful shout-out to the science fiction classic film Blade Runner.

Sadly at no point does Hauer actually say “attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion,” but it’s close enough for us.


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