There’s this great web site called FaceOnFace, where you can take images of people’s faces and morph them together to see what a blend of the two would look like. What would happen if you took the face of every actor who’s ever played The Doctor on Doctor Who and did that? It would be the ultimate regeneration, wouldn’t it?


We’re not sure which morph software he used, but one clever fellow on Reddit (appropriately named named morphinapg) has done it, and the results are – well, pretty alarming, but in a strange way rather fitting. Here’s the final result:

All the Doctors morphed together

Who is this handsome fellow? Ooooh, no, it can’t be … can it?

This coincidence brings into question everything we think we know about time travel, causality and probability. Because it happens to look eerily like this guy:


It’s Steven Moffat, the showrunner for Doctor Who. We can’t explain it either. But we think the answer might have to do a temporal feedback loop and this big ball of wibbley, wobbley, timey-wimey — stuff.

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