We have already shown you that remarkable sequence from Inside Llywen Davis, where Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren were singing about how they really did not want to be shot into space. Taking the concept a step further into fray, we now present Star Wars: Please, Kathleen Kennedy.

In this version, it’s those bulb-headed jazz musicians from the cantina scene in Star Wars IV: A New Hope who are cutting their demo track, with the help of an producer who is so sick of their jizz track (that’s what that genre of music is called, no kidding) , and the Force ghost of George Lucas, played by producer Stephen Vitale of Stephen Vitale Films. The production values are fantastic, so this took some time and thought, and a lot of love.

Kathleen Kennedy, as you may know, is president of LucasFilm Ltd, and producer of not only the Star Wars film currently in release and the next three scheduled to be produced, but has had a hand in of dozens of other films geeks  including every other Star Wars film done to date, and others going all the way back to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1982. More than George Lucas or Steven Spielberg put together, she has been a driving force behind more geek audience films than any other single person alive.


Oh, and yes, Krypton Radio is the only radio station on Earth playing this cut – we’re pretty sure, anyway.


Star Wars parody of Please Mr. Kennedy from Inside Llewyn Davis. Featuring the Cantina Band.

*This film is a fan film and is in no way officially associated with Lucasfilm or Star Wars.

“Cantina Band” from Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“Please Mr. Kennedy” from Inside Llewyn Davis (Original Soundtrack Recording)

Directed by Stephen Vitale
Written by Eric Carrasco, Graham Westerson, Stephen Vitale
Produced and Edited by Stephen Vitale
Executive Producer: John Schick
Starring: Josh Novak, Stephen Vitale, Eric Carrasco, Graham Westerson
Creature Costumes and Custom Props by Tom Spina Designs (http://www.tomspinadesigns.com)
Creature Consultant: Casey Wong
Cinematographer/VFX Supervisor/Colorist: John Schick (http://schickdigital.us)
Assistant Director: Jenn O’Donnell
Assistant Sound Designer: Patrick Sullivan
Sound Recordist: Mateo Trujillo-Hobbs
Production Assistant: David Gironda Jr.
Filmed at Entourage Studios
Special Thanks: Morgan Dameron, Kyle Newmaster, Mark Robertson, Alli Kelly

“Please Kathleen Kennedy”
Lyrics by Eric Carrasco, Graham Westerson
Arranged by Stephen Vitale and Vin Treglia
Mariachi Trumpet Performed by Kyle Newmaster
Produced and Performed by Vin Treglia and Jay Scalchunes

“End Titles”
Arranged by Vin Treglia and Jay Scalchunes
Music Consultant Kyle Newmaster
Harmonica Performed by Dave Bernal
Produced and Performed by Vin Treglia and Jay Scalchunes