Before Paul Johnson, began work on that amazing Star Wars anime project TIE Fighter, he had worked on giving Doctor Who the same treatment. While TIE Fighter is about seven minutes long, this Doctor Who anime is closer to twelve minutes. That’s long enough to drift out of “trailer” territory and wander into being able to tell a full story. In this film, The Third Doctor, as portrayed by John Pertwee, confronts The Master, as portrayed by Roger Delgado.

Using audio from various episodes, Johnson, aka OtaKing77077 on YouTube, brings in all sorts of bad guys from the old series, including Cybermen, Daleks, two different versions of The Master, Sutek the Destroyer, and Davros himself. UNIT and the Bridgadier have their roles to play, and it’s an all out battle for control of Tokyo — and he even introduces a new (admittedly very scantily clad) manga style female Japanese police officer named Tomo Jajiura. The narrative is a bit on the thin side, as it’s primarily an excuse to string together one anime style action scene after another.

The attention to detail is just awesome, and Johnson has perfectly captured the sumptuous style of the anime feature films of the 1980’s.