It’s the first substantive peek Warner Bros. has given us for the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, and we have to admit that it looks way, way, way cooler than we thought it was going to after seeing those sneak peek pics of Jared Leto as the Joker last year. This trailer does a great job of setting up all these wild and uncontrollable characters and why they would do anything to get out of where they are. Captain Boomerang, for example, apparently has a thing for being in enclosed spaces and is going nuts. El Diablo, who is a natural born flamethrower, is constantly subjected to being soaking wet. Killer Croc has to live in a cell that’s closer to a sewer than anything else I can imagine, and you can see the slimy damp walls as he does pushups in his cell. Deadshot, played by Will Smith, has that quiet desperation as he looks hopelessly out the tiny high window in his cell, looking out at the miserable rain and obviously thinking that being out there in that would be far better than boxed up where he is.

You will be surprised by how colorful it all is. This is proof that you don’t have to hit the whole universe with dulling spray and dress it down to make it work as a movie. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel‘s camera footage was literally bleached out to give it that desaturated look, and it probably was not a good change. Bringing the whole world down to match Batman’s mirthless grit ranks right up there in the most common gripes about the Warner Bros. treatment of the DC Universe on the big screen. It shows a general lack of faith in the material, as though superheroes have no place in the modern world and that we shouldn’t spend too much time dreaming big dreams about things that can’t possibly exist. Because, you know, who needs happy daydreams and hope anyway?

Instead, Suicide Squad pulses with sound and color, using the drab settings and grim characters as the perfect contrast for the action and pounding heartbeat that makes the soul of this film. Yes, we can tell all that from a trailer. When the director and his team “get it”, it shows. And it shows.

This unlikely team of anti-heroes hits the big screen August 5, 2016. We’ll be in line to see it. How about you?