broadcastFebruary 3rd, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) –  Immersive production company Clever Fox announces Broadcast, an original live action virtual reality anthology series to be released in Summer of 2016.

Clever Fox, known for VR originals Last Man Standing and Coyote, alongside branded content and music video offerings, continues to expand their catalog of compelling narrative 3D VR with Broadcast.

Coming on the heels of the Sundance Film Festival where Clever Fox CCO Dekker Dreyer spoke on topics ranging from directing actors in VR, to cinematic VR storytelling, to diversity voices in VR, the announcement of Broadcast fulfills Clever Fox’s commitment to premium storytelling in live action immersive media.

Pulling from a rich history of cyberpunk ideas Broadcast uses virtual reality as a lens to explore our relationship with economics, sex, and celebrity. The anthology series draws parallels to the Twilight Zone and The Black Mirror in that each episode explores a dark idea grounded in our everyday experience.

Broadcast began filming in Fall of 2015 in Los Angeles and a trailer will be available in March followed by a preview episode in April for members of the Movie Cult Facebook community.

“A series in VR that explores what the world could be like in a VR-heavy future is admittedly very meta. My ideas for the series are rooted in existing anxieties about the pressure social media puts on us to appear successful, the idea of celebrity for the sake of celebrity, the relationship between ‘personal brand’ and identity and commerce… these are all things that virtual reality will challenge us with in a very real way and we’re writing a series that tries to get five minutes out ahead of that. I’m a huge fan of things like Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell and although our series won’t be action adventure heavy I’m hoping that we share some underlying DNA with those universes,” said Dekker Dreyer, Clever Fox Chief Creative Officer and Broadcast showrunner.

Clever Fox’s original VR films have already exceeded their expectations and found a growing audience. Clever Fox’s first original, the zombie survival experience Last Man Standing starring Phil Morris (Smallville, Love That Girl), has been seen tens of thousands of times since its late December debut exclusively on the littlstar platform and their latest film Coyote looks to overtake it.

“The market for original VR content is still comparatively small. There’s only been one major VR headset available to consumers so far, but the speed at which our audience has grown shows that this medium is going to explode in 2016. We’re very excited to be bringing Broadcast to that audience. I’m a fan of cyberpunk and science fiction and producing the show has been a great experience. We hope the VR audience is as excited as we are to bring this type of content to life,” said Julia Howe, CEO of Clever Fox.

About Clever Fox

Clever Fox  is an immersive production company located in Los Angeles, CA specializing in branded and original narrative VR content. Founded in 2015 by Julia Howe and Dekker Dreyer, Clever Fox brings together teams of industry veterans to create compelling story-driven experiences.


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