briggs_1The Team of MarkWHO42 decided their next episode should go big. Big Finish, that is.

MarkWHO42 hosts Christian Basel, Mark Baumgarten, Patty Hawkins and newcomer Kayla Ascolillo interview the most versatile voice of Doctor WHO and Executive Producer of Big Finish Productions, Nicholas Briggs. They time travel into Nick’s past to discuss when he became a WHOvian, how Big Finish started, and how he became the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon and many, many more of the big baddies.

Briggs has the distinction of being the only actor to have regular roles in the revived TV series for the BBC and Big Finish Productions (guest stars from the revival have appeared in the audios, but none of the other regulars appear in both, including Elisabeth Sladen who ended her Big Finish Sarah Jane Smith series when she began reprising the role on TV).

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