Gene Turnbow, station manager here. I’m writing in the first person because I want to remind you that, especially for creative people, persistence pays off.

When Parisian singer / musician / songwriter Eloine Liar emailed us out of the blue to promote her new album End of Time, I initially gave her the brushoff. We get all kinds of pitches, from country to hip-hop and everything in between, usually from artists who are using a shotgun approach to get airplay who haven’t done their homework, and frankly that gets irritating after a while. However, Eloine isn’t one to take no for an answer, and she pointed out that her music was very much in line with Krypton Radio’s science fiction and fantasy format. So I listened. What I heard opened my mind.

Before you watch this video, be sure to pause the Krypton Radio stream using the controller in the upper right. Eloine’s mixes are a bit on the busy side, and her vocal inflections are complex and decorous, so it’s better if you don’t have the added distraction of our music in the background.

She writes  and performs all her own music, and has a voice that is simultaneously strong and delicately ornate. The closest parallel I can think of is the Icelandic singer / songwriter Björk. She got some strong talent backing her up on the engineering side of things, too. Her upcoming album Fall was mixed by John Fryer, who works with Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and the Finnish band H.I.M. (“His Infernal Magesty”), and is being distributed by Believe, a French digital music distributor. The EP is called End of Time, and while the songs on it will also appear on the upcoming album, on the EP Eloine has done her own mixing. You can already purchase End of Time on Bandcamp and iTunes.

If you want to see her in concert, she will be showcasing at Canadian Music Week in Toronto this May 2016 – but if you’re in Los Angeles on February 20, she’ll be playing at the L.A. Complex. Visit her web site for her full itenerary.

Had Eloine, who goes by the stage name L-I-A-R (“Lost in Artificial Reality”)  not been persistent, we would all have been deprived of one of the most delightful discoveries in music I have encountered since I started Krypton Radio six years ago. To Eloine, thank you for being so persistent. We would have missed a most wonderful discovery.

To the rest of you out there who want to be musicians, or artists, or voice actors, or on screen performers, or writers, do not give up. Keep a constant pressure up, and keep moving forward. Sometimes the person who initially says “no” has no idea what he’s saying “no” to.