For all the millions of people involved in fandoms, some may not have the ability to hear their favorite shows. Of course there are closed captions for the episodes themselves, but being able to express yourself and talk about the shows is half the fun. So today, we have a video filled with multiple SuperWhoLock signs so you can be prepared to geek out non-verbally with your friends! This young lady is a delight to watch, especially getting into “costume” for each part! It easy to find yourself signing along with her. For this video you don’t even need to pause our music stream, unless you need silence to concentrate.

For anyone who doesn’t know, SuperWhoLock is the fandom trinity of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock (usually the BBC Cumberbatch variety). On social media sites like Tumblr, LiveJournal, and others, these three shows consistently have the most active fanbase. That is most likely why they were chosen by this YouTuber.

A quick look shows that this channel has been inactive for over a year, which is a shame because the signer’s enthusiasm for fandom is so fun to watch. Hopefully she will come back and make more videos like these again someday.


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